Marthy W. Johnson - A Review of Fishes of the Last Frontier

I am a cat person. Until recently, my acquaintance with fish was defined by my cats’ interest in Seafood Medley, Savory Salmon, and Tasty Tuna Morsels, and the occasional tidbit of smoked salmon at wedding receptions. Fishes of the Last Frontier has introduced me to fish as individual animals. Fish will never again be a generic designation of something silvery with fins that swims in anything wet. I learned about many different fish—or fishes, still not sure—and their individual quirks and habits, and, for the first time in my life, catch on to the fish conversations one cannot escape in Alaska. For anyone interested in fish(es) as well as for the totally fish-ignorant, Fishes of the Last Frontier is interesting and informative reading as well as a helpful reference. You may learn something.