Karel and Bill in South America, 2012

Interestingly, this trip began as a plan to go to Australia in September. Karel was to meet with internship friends for a dietetics meeting and tour but it soon became apparent it would be only Karel and her Australian friend, Melba. When Melba said, I am planning a tour in South America in November, why don’t you join us?” Karel did not hesitate… “Yes!”

As we are now on a flight from Manaus to Rio de Janeiro, the Australian contingent are somewhere in the Andes. The doctors were reluctant to allow me with my heart murmur to travel at altitudes with thin air so Karel and I traveled to Manaus first instead and we will meet the Australians in Rio de Janeiro.

This document was intended to be a letter but, after all, it is a long trip of 25 days that includes three countries in five or six major regions. So, this will be a collection of several letters.

  • Amazonia
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Iguassu Falls
  • Argentina
  • Chile