Preface, May 3. 2014.  The primary purpose of this trip report is to provide some memories for us and also to be able to share our experience with you and, hopefully, to answer some of your questions if you are contemplating a similar trip.

Here are some comments about this report:

-        These files contain a lot of words… but this after all was a long trip and covered a lot of geography and experiences

-        This is not a single narrative, but rather, a collection of subsets or stories of different experiences and foci of a long trip. Read those stories you want

-        A few months before our trip, I was surprised to receive a new tablet computer. The good news was that it included a word processing app that was compatible with MS Word. The bad news is that it is not seamlessly compatible. Saved files that were reopened and edited were not properly resaved. This resulted in several forced retypings.

-        After converting to Word, line formatting became bogus and may cause problems with smooth reading. Sorry.

-        I also say sorry if there are some incongruous bits of information or confusing writing but this was created over a three week period and under many different conditions and mental perceptions.

Finally, this experience has been a wonderful trip and an outrageous opportunity to observe the abundant diversity and spectacular abundance of birds and animals – and people - and different regions of southern Africa. One may argue that you can see all of the animals in a zoo. But that is not true, and, in particular, the birds and animals are seen in their natural environments and in relation to each other.