Fishes of the Last Frontier

Fishes of the Last Frontier answers many of your fish questions and others you haven’t even thought of yet in a nontechnical, plain talk voice. Learn about the fishes that are of value or special interest to Alaskans: how fish are able to survive and grow, how they get along with each other--or not--and what they eat, where and how our Alaska fishes spawn, the difference between a red and a redd, and the difference between anadromous and catadromous and why that is important.

The author, a fishery scientist with nearly 50 years of experience and training, including more than 30 years in Alaska, describes the life history characteristics of 43 species of fishes valuable or important in some way to Alaskans. He delves into various aspects of biology and ecology of fish and provides insight into how humans and fish interact. The processes of fishery management in Alaska are described. Fishes of the Last Frontier includes fishes from throughout Alaska in fresh, brackish, and marine waters and sport, commercial, and subsistence fisheries. Learn not just how anadromous fish find their way home but also how scientists were able to learn the details. Nontechnical readers have reported the presentations as enjoyable, understandable, and informative.