Campbell Creek Estuary Park

We went for a hike in our new park a couple miles away. It was the grand opening. The trail makes a short loop with a spur than goes down nearly to sea level. It was a pleasant little hike. I was certainly amazed at the size of the crowd and especially impressed with the number of people carrying big spotting scopes and cameras with big long lenses. It turns out that someone had discovered a lazuli bunting. There was high excitement level in the crowd. There were many bird watchers who came only because of the bird and not for the grand opening. Lazuli buntings in Alaska is a very rare event. They are a colorful southern bird rarely seen this far north. Wow. I can now say that I have seen a lazuli bunting! Alas, I cannot say what it looks like. It was drab in non-breeding colors and i could not get a steady hold either.

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