Fall is falling

Until Sept 12 or 13, Anchorage had tied the record of 18 continuous days of measurable rainfall. Everyone was tired of the weather (mind you, this near record rainfall followed 2 months or more of wonderful sunny, dry weather that everyone reveled in). Today is the third day of beautiful sunny weather and smiles are abundant. And we spotted a lady on a bicycle in short shorts and tank top. The air is so clean and clear that the mountains near and far seem so much closer and bigger and brighter white. During a ride yesterday, we had repeated views of Mt McKinley – over 70 air miles away and over 20,000 feet tall. it rose large on the horizon. Across Cook Inlet, the Alaska Range seemed larger than ever, with the jagged row of irregular brilliant white peaks marching along, one after the other in single file. It was a great day to be out and about and revel in our wonderful scenery.

The bad news…   we had our first killing frost last night and showers are forecast for tomorrow.

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