Mountain running…. but not running mountains

It is hard to imagine how many kinds of extreme sports go on in Alaska (dog mushing, long distance races on foot, ski, snowmachine, river boats, etc. Just about now is the start time for the granddaddy of mountain racing. Mount Marathon. Mountain running is just that running through or over mountains or up and back. The Mount Marathon race has been run continuously since it began in 1908 based on a small bet. The winner will finish in about 45 minutes or maybe slower this year because it is probably raining in Seward. The race is only a little more than 3 miles, but the vertical rise is  more than 3,000 feet. Average uphill speed is about 2mph; downhill about 12mph. Racers tumble and fall and many finish with a bloody body part. Last year, one racer was seriously injured and another became lost somehow and has not been found.

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