• Letters From Alaska

    Letters From Alaska

    Letters from Alaska: The Inside to the Outside presents a unique view of the Last Frontier. The reader is treated to a tour of Alaska with the author, Bill Hauser, as he mixes his first-hand, personal experiences with entertaining bits of Alaskana and vivid word pictures. Travel vicariously with him to all parts of the state as he lives, works, and recreates for nearly three decades.

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  • Fishes of the Last Frontier

    Fishes of the Last Frontier

    Fishes of the Last Frontier answers many of your fish questions and others you haven’t even thought of yet in a nontechnical, plain talk voice. Learn about the fishes that are of value or special interest to Alaskans: how fish are able to survive and grow, how they get along with each other--or not--and what they eat, where and how our Alaska fishes spawn, the difference between a red and a redd, and the difference between anadromous and catadromous and why that is important.

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